01.Start of something new
02.Get'cha head in the game
03.What i've benn looking for(Sharpay-Ryan version)
04.What i've been looking for(Troy-Gabriella version)
05.Stick to the status quo
06.Wnen there was me and you
07.Bop to the top
08.Breaking free
09.We're all in this together
10.I can't take my eyes off of you
11.Get'cha head in the game(Remix)

01.What time is it
03.Work this out
04.You are the music in me(Gabi-Troy version)
05.I don't dance
06.You are the music in me(Sharpay-Troy version)
07.Gotta go my own way
08.Bet on it
10.All for one

Estas son las canciones que estan en el Archivo
01-Now O Never *Full* (4:28) High School Musical Cast
02-Now Or Never *Music* (3:25) High School Musical Cast
03Now Or Never *Remix* (5:07) High School Muscal Cast
04-I Want It All (3:40) Ashley Tisdael y Lucas Grabeel
05-Right Here, Right Now (1:39) Vanessa Hudgens y Zac Efron
06-Just Wanna Be Whit You (1:16) Zac Efron y Vanessa Hudgens
07-The Boys Are Back (2:13) Zac Efron y Corbin Bleu
08-I Can Have This Dance (1:24) Vanessa Hudgens y Zac Efron
09-High School Musical (3:28) High School Musical Cast

Tipo de Descargas
Descarga Directa (Recomendada)

Pistas en Samplers
A Night To Remember
High School Musical
Just Wanna Be With You
Last Chance
Spring Medley
Right Here Right Now
The Boys Are Back
Were All In This Together

Tracklist Para Descargar
01-Now or Never
02-Right Here Right Now
03-I Waht It All
04-Can I Have This Dance
05-Just Want To Be With You
06-A Night To Remember
07-The Bays Are Back
08-Walk Away
10-Senior Year Spring Musical Medley
11-We Are All In This Together (Version Graduacion)
12-High School Musical
13-Last Chance *Pronto*

Bonus Extras HSM-TD
The Boys Are Back (US 5)
Now or Never (Extendida)

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