01-Ashley Tisdale - So Much For You (Dj Phredee Remix)
02-Ashley tisdale - Be Good To Me (Remix)
03-Ashley tisdale - Don't Touch (The Zoom Song) (remix)
04-Ashley tisdale - It's Life (Remix)
05-Ashley tisdale - Goin' Crazy (Remix)
06-Ashley tisdale - Headstrong (Remix)
07-Ashley tisdale - Over It
Bonus Track
08-Miley Cyrus-Nobodys Perfect Echos Remix (Bonus track)
09-Miley Cyrus - Lifes What You Make It Dj Echo Remix (Bonus track)
10-Miley Cyrus - Rockstar ( Remix) (Bonus track)
11-Vannesa Hudgens - Drip Drop [dj echo funky remix] (Bonus track)
12-Vanessa Hudgens - Come Back To Me (Remix) (Bonus track)
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1. Intro
2. So Much for You
3. He Said She Said
4. Be Good to Me
5. Not Like That
6. Unlove You
7. Positivity
8. Love Me for Me
9. Goin' Crazy
10. Over It
11. Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)
12. We'll Be Together
13. Headstrong
14. Suddenly
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1. "Heaven Is a Place on Earth"

2. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

3. "Never Gonna Give You Up"

4. "Time After Time"

5. "Too Many Walls"

Album Sigle Tracklist
1.- Not Like That (Album Version)
2.- He Said She Said (Jack D. Elliot Radio Mix)
3.- Be Good To Me (Jack D. Elliot Mix)
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1 "Intro" 2 "So Much For You"
3 "Headstrong"
4 "Be Good To Me" (Featuring David Jassy)
5 "Love Me For Me"
6 "Positivity"
7 "Goin' Crazy"
8 "Last Christmas"
9 "Unlove You"
10 "He Said She Said"
11 "Not Like That"
12 "Someday My Prince will Come"
13 "Don’t Touch (The Zoom Song)"
14 "Over It"
15 "We'll Be Together"
16 "Kiss The Girl"
17 "Suddenly"
18 "I Will Be Me"
19 "Who I Am"
20 "It's Life"

Music Videos
1 "Be Good To Me"
2 "He Said She Said"
3 "Not Like That"
4 "Suddenly"

Descarga:"Headstrong" (Special Edition)

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